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Real Estate Sells 

Are you looking for a luxury home or investment property? Melody can walk you thru the process.

Property Management

Whether you're renting out a property or looking to fix and flip, Melody has the team to get the job done.

Household Management

The key to being successful is delegating task. Our team will fully take over your daily routine of domestic duties.

Credit Consulting

Our consulting services help you decrease monthly debt, remove negatives, and optimize your credit profile to maximize funding opportunities.

Meet Melody

Melody Wiley is a familiar face in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has served in her community as church musician, actress, nanny, early childhood provider, and business owner. Melody is a Licensed Realtor and Dwelling Contractor thru the DSPS. Melody found her niche in Real Estate while working as a HUD Section 3 certified contractor, providing commercial, residential grass maintenance and snow removal. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs turn their properties into income cashflow properties. She specializes in converting commercial and residential spaces into early childhood education centers, as well as assisting new landlords. Melody is your go to when it comes to property management, problem solving, and getting deals closed. If you are looking to purchase a luxury home or investment property, contact Melody today.

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